VHSL realignment poised to re-expand Jefferson District

Editor’s note: After we published this story, the VHSL sent a second email out indiciating that the 2011 Membership Figures provided to the R&R committee by the Department of Education were incorrect. Expect an updated version of the numbers in the near future. The plan may see a revamp during this process.

Apparently, the Jefferson District is going to be getting the band back together.

Realignment is always a hot topic in the public school ranks, and the first indication of what the next cycle for VHSL realignment will look like arrived Wednesday as the VHSL released its initial 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 realignment plan.

The Initial Proposed plan is prepared by the Redistricting and Reclassification Committee based on September 30, 2011 enrollment figures.

Once again, the Jefferson, which this year underwent a contraction from eight teams to six teams while losing Goochland, Orange County and William Monroe and adding Powhatan, will be one of the state’s most impacted districts.

If the current proposed alignment stands through another R&R committee meeting to consider modifications on February 2, 2012 and then the appeals process that starts after that on April 17, the Jefferson will become a nine-team district with Goochland, Orange County and William Monroe all rejoining the district.

Orange County, who would be largest enrollment Group AA school in the state under this plan at 1,430 students (Amherst has 1,418), obviously benefits the most from a move back down from Group AAA that hasn’t been kind to many of the Hornets’ athletics programs.

“You never know, but we’re ecstatic,” said Orange County athletic director Marc Cole, who was just informed this morning. “Absolutely, beyond belief, we’re quite happy.”

Monroe, who had to appeal to get down to Group A during the current cycle, has 808 students in the current figures, which will likely be too many to stay down, particularly with Goochland moving back up too with 719 students.

Charlottesville, Fluvanna County, Louisa County, Monticello, Powhatan and Western Albemarle all stay put in the JD while Buckingham, Nelson County and Madison County remain at Group A in the James River, Dogwood and Bull Run districts respectively. Albemarle also stays put in Group AAA’s Commonwealth District.

Also in Region II play where the Jefferson District competes during the postseason, the Evergreen District adds Eastern View, Culpeper and former Group A program Manassas Park. The Northwestern District, also in Region II, picks up Central Woodstock also out of Group A. Woodstock and Manassas Park are both currently part of the Bull Run along with William Monroe. The Dulles adds a new school in Loudoun County, John Champ High, with a projected enrollment of 650 students.

Here’s the new-look, 2013-2014 Jefferson District breakdown:

School (Enrollment numbers)

Charlottesville (1163)

Fluvanna County (1085)

Goochland (719)

Louisa County (1308)

William Monroe (808)

Monticello (1020)

Orange County (1430)

Powhatan (1367)

Western Albemarle (982)

Click here to find the VHSL’s plan in its entirety.