Thoughts on this weekend in Charlottesville from SP’s editors

There’s not much better for us than the start of the fall sports season. High school games are Scrimmage Play’s lifeblood and we definitely miss them in the summer.


Considering the events transpiring in Charlottesville this weekend, we’re particularly looking forward to being at sporting events that bring communities and people together rather than dividing them up by race, class or orientation. For many of us, we learned or reinforced on the field the idea that we treat people, friends, teammates and opponents equally. That we are driven not by ignorance and hate, but by our brighter ideals of equality and opportunity. What we’re seeing out there doesn’t have a place in Charlottesville. That’s not the Charlottesville we celebrate on the pages of Scrimmage Play.


So everyone and anyone out there in the community this weekend, be safe and remember this is our town, our county, our region. The vast majority of these people won’t be here come Monday and we will be here. Speak your mind, counterprotest or express yourself however you choose or don’t, that’s also your choice. But stay safe.


And to the law enforcement officers, many of them former local high school athletes or students, thank you for your work to keep everyone safe.