Monticello, Monroe and CHS wrestling compete in Friday Night Invite

Nottoway walked away as the champion of the first Monticello Wrestling Friday Night Invite, but local wrestlers also managed to have a big day at the six-team tournament.

The host Mustangs took second overall while William Monroe grabbed third. A couple of strong individual performances also led Charlottesville’s sixth place finish.

Monticello’s Jackson Perry (113), Ryan Smith (132), Julian Johnston (145), Gary Vaclavicek (170) and Christian Means (285) all won weight class titles for the Mustangs.

Monroe’s Jeremy Savoie (120), Alex Hoffman (160) and Matt Jones (220) picked up class victories for the Dragons.

For Charlottesville, Aiden Lewandowski finished as the runner-up at 106 while San Subba took second at 152 and David Teosol-Paz took third at 170.


For Full Results:

Team Scores

  1. Nottoway  175.0
  2. Monticello 114.0
  3. William Monroe 77.5
  4. Central (Woodstock) 64.0
  5. Cumberland 51.0
  6. Charlottesville 19.0



1st Place – Gerardo Garcia-Cruz of Nottoway

2nd Place – Aiden Lewandowski of Charlottesville

3rd Place – Andrew Scibelli of Central (Woodstock)

4th Place – Nima Tamang of Charlottesville


1st Place – Jackson Perry of Monticello

2nd Place – Hunter Morgan of Nottoway

3rd Place – Conner Redeskie of William Monroe

4th Place – Quaseem Garland of Central (Woodstock)


1st Place – Jeremey Savoie of William Monroe

2nd Place – Elio Garcia-Cruz of Nottoway

3rd Place – Henrik Johnson of Monticello

4th Place – Jason Long of Cumberland


1st Place – Tyree Hawkes of Nottoway

2nd Place – Justin Long of Cumberland


1st Place – Ryan Smith of Monticello

2nd Place – Gabriel Garcia-Cruz of Nottoway

3rd Place – Davidrick Brooks of Cumberland

4th Place – Ryan Flynn of William Monroe


1st Place – Isaiah Mahan of Nottoway

2nd Place – Jacob Scibelli of Central (Woodstock)

3rd Place – CJ Houchens of Monticello

4th Place – Blaise VanDyke of William Monroe


1st Place – Julian Johnston of Monticello

2nd Place – Patrick Castle of Nottoway

3rd Place – Trevor Dayton of Cumberland

4th Place – Samuel Williams of Charlottesville


1st Place – Jacob Wegner of Nottoway

2nd Place – San Subba of Charlottesville

3rd Place – Josh Dillon of William Monroe

4th Place – John Gagget of Nottoway


1st Place – Alex Hoffman of William Monroe

2nd Place – Logan Siegal of Nottoway

3rd Place – Sam Lewis of Monticello


1st Place – Gary Vaclavicek of Monticello

2nd Place – Quinton Morris of William Monroe

3rd Place – David Teosol-Paz of Charlottesville


1st Place – William Ball of Central (Woodstock)

2nd Place – William Drew of Nottoway

3rd Place – Johnny Eddy of Nottoway


1st Place – Kavon Foster of Cumberland

2nd Place – Jerry Eddy of Nottoway

3rd Place – Konner Hardison of Nottoway

4th Place – Alec Stickles of Central (Woodstock)


1st Place – Matt Jones of William Monroe

2nd Place – Darius Wilson of Nottoway

3rd Place – Raekwon Parker of Nottoway

4th Place – Jordan Fogle of Central (Woodstock)


1st Place – Christian Means of Monticello

2nd Place – Jeffery Keener of Nottoway

3rd Place – Kaijhaun Trent of Cumberland

4th Place – Ezra Smith of Central (Woodstock)