2023 All-Jefferson District Football

2023 All-Jefferson District Football

Class 4/5 Offensive POTY: Noah Grevious, Albemarle

Class 3 Offensive POTY: Christian Proffitt, Monticello

Class 4/5 Defensive POTY: Christian Johnson, Louisa County

Class 3 Defensive POTY: Marcus Dickerson, Fluvanna County

Class 4/5 Coach of the Year: Will Patrick, Louisa County

Class 3 Coach of the Year: Matt Hicks, Monticello

Offense First Team

Quarterback: Amaje Parker, Albemarle

Center: Christian Proffitt, Monticello

Offensive Line: Braden McIntire, Louisa County; Naquavious Giles, Albemarle; Christian Lambert, Fluvanna County; Oziel Jara Castillo, Monticello

Running Backs: Jayden Seaberry, Louisa County; Ezekiel Pour, Monticello; Logan Wade, Fluvanna County

Wide Receivers: Noah Grevious, Albemarle; Brandon Herring, Monticello; Brody Foran, Orange County

Tight End: Benny Denby, Fluvanna County

Kicker: George Albertson, Louisa County

Kick Returner: Tre Early, Monticello

Offensive All-Purpose: Isaiah Haywood, Louisa County

Defense First Team

Defensive Line: Marcus Dickerson, Fluvanna County; Brayden Rettig, Monticello; Braden McIntire, Louis County; Lisaad Rose, Monticello

Linebacker: Corey Mullins, Goochland; Tufan Khalilov, Albemarle; Christian Johnson, Louisa; Tre Early, Monticello; Bishop Paige, Charlottesville

Defensive Backs: Noah Grevious, Albemarle; Brandon Herring, Monticello; Brody Foran, Orange; Isaiah Holland, Louisa County

Punter: Carter Boyd, Western Albemarle

Punt Returner: Tre Early, Monticello

Defensive All-Purpose: Lucas Weaver, Goochland

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Will Lambert, Fluvanna County

Center: Jahmere Ragland, Louisa County

Offensive Line: Brandon Testa, Orange County; Tyson Boyd, Western Albemarle; Jaylen Jackson, Louisa County; Brayden Rettig, Monticello

Running Backs: Bubba Wells, Orange County; Marcus Dickerson, Fluvanna County; Jalen Green, Albemarle

Wide Receivers: Chazz Barksdale-White, Fluvanna County; Donovan Nelson, Louisa County; Isaiah Harris, Albemarle

Tight End: D’Rhon Jackson, Monticello

Kicker: Oziel Jara Castillo, Monticello

Kick Returner: Noah Grevious, Albemarle

Offensive All-Purpose: Tre Early, Monticello

Defense Second Team

Defensive Line: Aliyass Carter, Orange County; Parker Vorhees, Western Albemarle; JaQuel Young, Goochland; Glodie Safari, Charlottesville

Linebacker: Lawton Rowan, Louisa County; Linwood Perkins, Fluvanna County; Jordan Green, Albemarle; Jack O’Malley, Goochland; Jeremiah Warton, Orange County

Defensive Backs: Isaiah Haywood, Louisa County; Darius Rivers, Goochland; Kenneth Cuellar, Fluvanna County; Jack Boyd, Western Albemarle

Punter: Yoshi da Silva, Goochland

Punt Returner: Donovan Nelson, Louisa County

Defensive All-Purpose: Jacob Lykins, Albemarle

Honorable Mention Offense

James Fugal, Albemarle; Derrius Jones, Albemarle; Matt Burns, Charlottesville; Damien Parham, Charlottesville; Jayden Courtney, Charlottesville; Bishop Paige, Charlottesville; Lane Harris, Fluvanna County; Jack Alston, Goochland; Derek Pierce, Goochland; Jahiem Jackson, Louisa County; Aaron Brewer, Louisa County; Jaden Davis, Louisa County; Adam Mills, Louisa County; Owen Engel, Monticello; Noureldin Yah Yah, Monticello; Andy Lee, Orange County; Lewis Lam, Orange County; Christian Simpson, Orange County; JaePharoh Carpenter, Orange County; Nathan Simon, Western Albemarle; Ben Lynch, Western Albemarle; Sani Reed, Western Albemarle; Jack Boyd, Western Albemarle

Honorable Mention Defense

Amaje Parker, Albemarle; Nathan Carter, Albemarle; Jerome Crowell, Albemarle; Thomas Slingluff, Charlottesville; William Smith, Charlottesville; Sethaun Nowell, Charlottesville; Kamari James, Goochland; Axel Franco, Louisa County; Keywan Carter, Louisa County; Austen Grady, Louisa County; Oziel Jara Castillo, Monticello; Christian Proffitt, Monticello; Juelz Christmas-Jackson, Monticello; Austin Wood, Monticello; Ezekiel Pour, Monticello; Zayden Simpson, Monticello; Samuel Sciabarrassi, Orange County; Derrick Payton, Orange County; Josh Lively, Western Albemarle; Alex Lake Lo Bello, Western Albemarle; Cooper Shelton, Western Albemarle