2020 VISAA Division Girls and Boys State tournament brackets released

The 2020 VISAA state tournament brackets for basketball are out. Here’s the rundown.

VISAA Division I Boys Basketball Tournament

First Round Tuesday 2.25.20

Bishop Ireton at No. 8 Flint Hill

Potomac School at No. 5 Cape Henry

St. John Paul the Great at No. 6 St. Anne’s-Belfield

Benedictine at No. 7 St. Christopher’s

Quarterfinals Wednesday 2.26.20

Ireton/Flint Hill Winner at No. 1 Paul VI

Cape Henry/Potomac winner at No. 4 Trinity Episcopal

SJPTG/STAB winner at No. 3 Episcopal

St. Chris/Benedictine winner at No. 2 St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes

Semifinals Friday 2.28.20, 7 and 8:45 at Virginia State

Final Saturday 2.29.20, 4 p.m.


VISAA Division II Boys Basketball Tournament

First Round 2.25.20

Atlantic Shores at No. 8 Nansemond Suffolk

Virginia Episcopal at No. 5 Steward

Seton at No. 6 Hargrave

Norfolk Christian at No. 7 Miller School

Quarterfinals 2.26.20

Atlantic Shores/NSA winner at No. 1 Blue Ridge

Steward/VES winner at No. 4 Middleburg

Seton/Hargrave winner at No. 3 Norfolk Collegiate

Miller/Norfolk Christian at No. 2 Highland

Semifinals Friday 2.28.20 at Virginia State, 3:30 and 5:15 p.m.

Final Saturday 2 p.m.


VISAA Division III Boys Basketball Tournament

First Round Tuesday 2.25.20

Portsmouth Christian at No. 8 Carlisle

Williamsburg Christian at No. 5 Covenant

Christ Chapel Academy at No. 6 Amelia

Walsingham at No. 7 Richmond Christian

Quarterfinals Wednesday 2.26.20

Carlisle/Portsmouth Christian winner at No. 1 Life Christian

WCA/Covenant winner at No. 4 Fairfax Christian

Amelia/Christ Chapel winner at No. 3 Eastern Mennonite

Walsingham/Richmond Christian at No. 2 Carmel School

Semifinals Friday 2.28.20, Noon and 1:45 p.m.

Final Saturday 2.29.20, Noon


VISAA Division I Girls Tournament

First Round Tuesday 2.25.20

No. 9 St. Stephens & St. Agnes at No. 8 Collegiate

No. 12 Catholic at No. 5 Episcopal

No. 11 St. John Paul the Great at No. 6 St. Gertrude

No. 10 Trinity Episcopal at No. 7 Flint Hill

Quarterfinals Wednesday 2.26.20

Collegiate/SSSA winner at No. 1 Paul VI

Episcopal/Catholic winner at No. 4 Bishop Ireton

St. Gertrude/STJPTG at No. 3 Bishop O’Connell

TES/Flint Hill winner at No. 2 St. Anne’s-Belfield

Semifinals Friday 2.28.20 at Richard Bland at 12 and 1:30

Final Saturday 2.29.20 at Richard Bland at 1 p.m.


VISAA Division II State Girls Basketball Tournament 

First Round Tuesday 2.25.20

No. 9 Oakcrest at No. 8 Trinity Christian

No. 12 Covenant at No. 5 Hampton Roads Academy

No. 11 Norfolk Collegiate at No. 6 Fredericksburg Christian

No. 10 Atlantic Shores Christian at No. 7 Seton

Quarterfinals Wednesday 2.26.20

Trinity Christian/Oakcrest winner at No. 1 Nansemond Suffolk Academy

Covenant/HRA winner at No. 4 Highland

Norfolk Collegiate/Fredericksburg Christian at No. 3 Steward

Atlantic Shores/Seton at No. 2 Miller School

Semifinals at Richard Bland Friday 2.28.20, 3 and 4:30 p.m.

Final Saturday 2.29.20 at Richard Bland, 3 p.m.