2019 All-Region 4A boys and girls lacrosse released


The 2019 All-Region 4A boys and girls lacrosse teams are out. Here’s the rundown.

2019 All-Region 4A Boys Lacrosse

Player of the year: Jack Lesemann, Western Albemarle

Coach of the year: Alex Whitten, Western Albemarle

First Team

Attack: Sam Stalfort, Western; Jack Reichert, Western; Hanley Hauser, Monticello; Zach Harriman, Midlothian; Keegan Smither, Hanover

Midfield: Bryson Miller, Midlothian; Jake Wilson, Western Albemarle; Corey Palmore, Powhatan; Chase Mullins, Patrick Henry; Jacob Atkins, Hanover

Defense: Jack Lesemann, Western AlbemarleCooper Hauser, MonticelloCam Greene, Western Albemarle; Dylan Fox, Midlothian; Archer Lyster, Charlottesville

Goalie: Will Stalfort, Western Albemarle

Locals on Second Team

Defense: Sebastian Berger, Monticello; Kent Snoddy, Fluvanna

Midfield: Bailey Hauser, Monticello; Hunter Randle, Charlottesville; Buddy Wilson, Monticello

Attack: Jack Weyher, Western Albemarle; Brendan Riley, Charlottesville; Ethan Young, Monticello

Goalie: Nick Garrett, Monticello

Locals on Honorable Mention

Ben Drake, Monticello; Austin Payne, Western Albemarle; Edgar Bacheller, Western Albemarle; Sam Herndon, Western Albemarle; Jake Huffman, Western Albemarle; Aidan Byrnes, Monticello; Stuart Widener, Western Albemarle; Trevor Bratton, Monticello

2019 All-Region 4A Girls Lacrosse

Player of the year: Kate Thomas, Western Albemarle

Coach of the year: Laura Camp, Powhatan

First Team

Attack: Mattie Shearer, Western Albemarle; Meghan Walin, Monticello; Libby Carbo, Western Albemarle; Reid Ferguson, Western Albemarle; Hailey Camp, Powhatan

Midfield: Caleigh Smith, Monticello; Josie Mallory, Monticello; Alison Swartout, Monticello; Teagan Quinn, Hanover; Ryann Pebbles, Patrick Henry

Defense: Tara Meissner, Monticello; Annie Meenan, Western Albemarle; Dasha Kinlaw, Monticello; Megan Wunderlich, Midlothian; Kora Kane, Hanover

Goalie: Kate Thomas, Western Albemarle

Locals on Second Team

Attack: Kendall Smith, Monticello

Midfield: Anna Kreienbaum, Western Albemarle; Erica Repich, Western Albemarle

Defense: Rebecca Nordt, Monticello; Courtney Schoeb, Western Albemarle

Locals on Honorable Mention

Carmen Smith, Fluvanna; Katherine Wells, Charlottesville; Bethany Bazemore, Charlottesville; Annika Antholis, Charlottesville; Alison Sawyer, Fluvanna; Maya Block, Charlottesville; Amy Hughes, Fluvanna; Anna Snoody, Fluvanna; Piper Guiffre, Charlottesville; Chloe Boutin, Charlottesville; Sarah Frances Krebs