2018 All-Jefferson District Baseball and Softball

2018 All-Jefferson District Baseball

Player of the year: Logan Amiss, Powhatan

Coach of the year: Gregg Conner, Powhatan


First Team

First base: Kevin Ward, Fluvanna County; Cody Willis Powhatan

Second base: Ryan Porter, Albemarle

Third base: Kevin Jarrell, Monticello

Shortstop: Lliam Grubbs, Louisa County

Catcher (2): Logan Amiss, Powhatan; Keenan Williams, Orange County

Outfielders (4): Andrew Ward, Fluvanna County; Matt West, Louisa County; Garrett Payne, Western Albemarle; Nick Rini, Powhatan

Pitchers (2): Derek Domecq, Western Albemarle; Tristan Snyder, Louisa County

Designated Hitter: Jack McDonald, Louisa County

Utility: Jacob Critzer, Fluvanna County; Jake Browning, Albemarle


Second Team

First base: Matthew Allen, Monticello

Second base: Kyle Algieri, Fluvanna County

Third base: Matthew Church, Powhatan

Shortstop: Cameron Shields, Fluvanna County; Andrew Porter, Albemarle

Catcher: Tyler Walker, Monticello; Jack Rabinowitz, Charlottesville

Outfielders (4): Hunter Hopkins, Powhatan; Dylan Booth, Monticello; Dashon Carter, Fluvanna County; J.B. Lamb, Louisa County

Pitchers (2): Kevin Ward, Fluvanna County; Trenton Tiller, Powhatan; Lliam Grubbs, Louisa County

Utility:  Tucker Hensley, Orange County


Honorable Mention

First base: Tyler Earley, Louisa County

Third base: Chris McGahren, Western Albemarle

Shortstop: Wyatt Hull, Western Albemarle

Pitcher: Scott Reid, Albemarle; Garrett Payne, Western Albemarle; Brett Jennings, Orange; Dalton Richardson, Charlottesville

Utility: Austin Nicholas, Louisa County


2018 All-Jefferson District Softball

Player of the year: Lexi Lomax, Orange County

Pitcher of the year: Mason Basdikis, Powhatan

Coach of the year: Marie Crump, Powhatan

First Team

Pitcher: Mason Basdikis, Powhatan; Hannah Meadows, Orange; Emily Clifford, Monticello

Catcher: Teri Jackson, Powhatan; Hayley Shifflett, Monticello

First base: Tori Gilbert, Powhatan; Kasie Pace, Albemarle

Second base: Lindsey Slaughter, Orange County

Third base: Ashlee Brassart, Orange County

Shortstop: Lexi Lomax, Orange County; Hannah Shifflett, Monticello

DP/Flex: Rileigh DeWeese, Powhatan

Outfield: Sami Pleasants, Powhatan; Logan Friesen, Albemarle; Sarah Proctor, Louisa; Quinn Graves, Albemarle

Utility: Sabrina Shisbey, Albemarle


Second team

Pitcher: Ellie Cain, Albemarle; Brianna Wilson, Charlottesville; Tori Koczan, Fluvanna County

Catcher: Meghan Brown, Albemarle; Gracie Walton, Fluvanna County

First base: Amya Ferguson, Orange County; LeTia Wilson, Charlottesville

Second base: Kennadie Batchelor, Louisa County

Third base: Jessica Williams, Monticello; Kendall Gordon, Fluvanna

Shortstop: Candice Shaheen, Fluvanna County

Outfield: Tiana Knight, Western Albemarle; Elizabeth Kenney, Monticello; Katie Morris, Fluvanna County; Catera Marsh, Fluvanna County

Utility: Taylor Dickerson, Powhatan; Emily Morris, Monticello; Lindsey Ward, Fluvanna County