2017 All-Jefferson District Baseball and Softball

2017 All-Jefferson District Baseball

Co-Players of the year: Bradley Hanner, Orange County and Derek Domecq, Western Albemarle

Coach of the year: David Rabe, Orange County

First Team

First base: Nathan Gentry, Fluvanna County

Second base: Ryan Porter, Albemarle

Third base: Lliam Grubbs, Louisa County

Shortstop: Cale Agee, Louisa County; Andrew Porter, Albemarle

Catcher (2): Ryan Sukovich, Western Albemarle; Logan Amiss, Powhatan

Outfielders (4): Tre Smith, Orange County, Ethan Fletcher, Louisa County; Brant Wood, Fluvanna County; Ross Lewis, Powhatan; Derek Domecq, Western Albemarle

Pitchers: (2): Bradley Hanner, Orange County; Derek Domecq, Western Albemarle

Designated Hitter: Alan Seeley, Orange County

Utility: Kevin Jarrell, Monticello; Alex Hurley, Louisa


Second Team

First base: Christian Amos, Orange County; Luke Tenuta, Western Albemarle

Second base: Matt Mandell, Western Albemarle

Third base: Ben Riley, Monticello

Shortstop: Bradley Hanner, Orange County

Catcher: Aaron Szalnkiewicz, Louisa; Keenan Williams, Orange County

Outfielders: Wayne Butler, Louisa County; DaShon Carter, Fluvanna County; Caleb Davis, Charlottesville; Nathan Toney, Albemarle

Pitchers: John Reynolds, Louisa; Scott Reid, Albemarle; Tommy Carter, Monticello

Designated Hitter: Jake Byrnes, Monticello

Utility: Kyle Algieri, Fluvanna County; Colby DeForge, Fluvanna County


2017 All-Jefferson District Softball

Co-Players of the year: Mason Basidikis, Powhatan and Lexi Lomax, Orange County

Pitcher of the year: Taylor Robinson, Louisa

Coach of the year: Tre Smith, Fluvanna County

First Team

Pitcher: Ali Celiberti, Powhatan

Pitcher: Taylor Robinson, Louisa County

Pitcher: Ellie Cain, Albemarle

Catcher: Kennadie Batchelor, Louisa County and Meghan Brown, Albemarle

First base: Morgan Mitchell, Louisa County and Kasie Pace, Albemarle

Second base: Tyler Haislip, Fluvanna

Third base: Ashlee Brassart, Orange County

Shortstop: Hannah Shifflett, Monticello

DP/Flex: Lexi Lomax, Orange County

Outfield: Morgan Bettinger, Albemarle

Outfield: Logan Friesen, Albemarle

Outfield: Katie Morris, Fluvanna County

Outfield: Tori Gilbert, Powhatan

Utility: Mason Basidikis, Powhatan


Second Team

Pitcher: Emily Clifford, Monticello

Pitcher: Hannah Meadows, Orange County

Pitcher: Becca Crothers, Fluvanna

Pitcher: Brianna Wilson, Charlottesville

Catcher: Kayley Norford, Monticello and Madison Foster, Powhatan

First base: Amya Ferguson, Orange County; Lauren Ratliff, Powhatan and Gracie Shifflett, Western Albemarle

Second base: Lindsay Slaughter, Orange

Third base: Toria Belew, Fluvanna and Saniya Jones, Louisa County

Shortstop: Candice Shaheen, Fluvanna

DP/Flex: Meghan Brown, Albemarle

Outfield: Sami Pleasants, Powhatan

Outfield: Quinn Graves, Albemarle

Outfield: Emma Farruggio, Charlottesville

Outfield: Kennedy Tuel, Orange County

Utility: Kirstena Lilley, Monticello