Thirty Jefferson District wrestlers earn spots in Region 3C tourney

The Jefferson District wrestling squads that are in Region 3C — Fluvanna County, Western Albemarle, Charlottesville and Monticello — battled it out Wednesday to establish region tournament qualifiers at Fluvanna County High. The event opened the door for 30 district wrestlers to punch their ticket for the regional tournament.


Fluvanna finished with 12 total qualifiers to lead the field, qualifying a wrestler in 12 of the 14 weight classes. The Flucos had several wrestlers post 3-0 records on the night, including Wyatt Dillon at 132, Alden Valentine at 138, David Taylor at 145, Shawn Metcalf at 152, Caleb Stoltz at 220 and Alden Custer at 285.


Western had nine qualifiers on the night with five of those competitors going 3-0 — Collin Castrina at 126, Sam Duska at 160, Kyle Keyton at 170, Max Morrison at 182 and Bryan Bradley at 195.


Charlottesville had nine total region qualifiers with the lower weights doing some heavy lifting for the Black Knights. Max Tyree at 106, Pyi Khant at 113 and Aiden Lewandoski at 120 each went 3-0.


Complete Rundown of Region 3C qualifiers by weight class

106: Charlottesville freshman Max Tyree (3-0) and Western freshman Grayson Payne (2-1)

113: Charlottesville junior Pyi Khant (3-0) and Western freshman Thomas Warren (2-1)

120: Charlottesville Aiden Lewandowksi (3-0) and Fluvanna junior Tyler Haynes (2-1)

126: Western senior Collin Castrina and Fluvanna senior Jariq Henson (2-1)

132: Fluvanna senior Wyatt Dillon (3-0) and Charlottesville freshman Justyn Reyes (2-1)

138: Fluvanna freshman Alden Valentine (3-0) and Charlottesville freshman Xavier Castaneda (2-1)

145: Fluvanna sophomore David Taylor (3-0) and Charlottesville sophomore Joey Cordoza (2-1)

152: Fluvanna junior Shawn Metcalf (3-0), Western sophomore Joey Burch (2-1) and Charlottesville’s Assad Faqirzada (1-2)

160: Western senior Sam Duska (3-0) and Fluvanna senior Tyler Stoy (2-1)

170: Western freshman Kyle Keyton (3-0),  Fluvanna senior Gabe Stoy (2-1) and Dante Bernardini (1-2)

182: Western senior Max Morrison (3-0) and Fluvanna senior Jason Drumheller (2-1)

195: Western junior Bryan Bradley (3-0) and Fluvanna junior Jason Hamshar (2-1)

220: Fluvanna senior Caleb Stoltz (3-0) and Western sophomore Will Donovan (2-1)

285: Fluvanna senior Alden Custer (3-0) and Charlottesville freshman Will Lawson (2-1)