Step Forward: Charlottesville beats Monticello


On a brisk Friday night, Charlottesville football picked up its third win of the season and handily defeated the Monticello Mustangs 27-0.


Charlottesville came into the finale looking to continue their momentum from a Fluvanna win last week for their third win on the season, while Monticello was determined to try and avoid a winless season.


“It’s a really big deal for us because we’ve had three seasons of really rough football,” said Charlottesville head coach Eric Sherry after Friday’s win. “For these kids to just have a chance to play is one thing, but a chance to play some winning football; I’m really proud and they earned it.”


With dynamic Black Knight running backs Polo Hill and Eddison Duolo out for the game, Moses Kashindi carried the torch for Charlottesville in their rushing attack. The Black Knights were dominat up front which allowed Kashindi to pile up 118 yards rushing on the day on just 15 carries averaging an astounding 7.9 yards per play.


Charlottesville quarterback Caldwell Boyles found ways to be effective with the passing game struggling. Boyles showed off some of his athletic ability having 48 yards rushing and three rushing touchdowns. From running in between the tackles and outside, the Black Knights were getting it done on the ground.


“Our O-line took some huge steps in the past few weeks, and in most of the games we’ve been able to get some push up front,” said Boyles. “I think in the last two weeks with both of the wins we got, we were able to get a really good push; more than we’ve had before. Our O-line came together as a group; they came together all five of them, got some push up front, and we were able to put it in the endzone this game.”


The Mustangs offense struggled to move the football throughout the entire game. Monticello managed to gain one net yard on offense. Quarterback Matt Dixon had a particularly tough night, getting sacked six times.


As for Monticello’s head coach Matt Hicks, he’s very appreciative for the four seniors on his squad, and what they’ve contributed to his program.

“They’re an amazing group of leaders. They are true teammates. They have been celebrating the smallest victories of what our team does,” said Hicks. “Selflessly, they’ve been able to look at this team understanding that the reward they’re going to see from this, might be something they will be watching in the stands a year or two from now. I couldn’t have asked for a better four to lead us here in these last few weeks of the season, and I truly am thankful for them.”


Monticello ends the season 0-10, and Charlottesville ends the year 3-7 improving from the 0-6 record they posted last spring.