2018 All-VISAA Division I football released

The 2018 All-VISAA Division I football team is out. Here’s the full first and second teams and the local players who earned honorable mention honors.


Player of the Year: Jordan Houston, Flint Hill

Coach of the Year: Tom Verbanic, Flint Hill

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Miles Thompson, Flint Hill, Sr.

Running Backs: Jordan Houston, Flint Hill, Sr.; Juanell Walker, Episcopal High School, Sr.;  Landon Porter, Norfolk Academy, Sr.

Wide Receivers: Preston Bacon, Potomac School, Sr.; DeQuece Carter, Woodberry Forest Sr.; Ayinde Budd, Collegiate, Sr.; Will Hayes, St. Christopher’s, Sr.

Tight End: Kyle Bilodeau, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Offensive line: Joe Worman, Flint Hill, Sr.; Jeb Wickham, St. Christopher’s, Jr.; Jeremy Singleton, Trinity Episcopal, Jr.; Jack Murphy, Bishop O’Connell, Sr.; Cole Simon, Benedictine, Sr.

Kicker: Justin Duenkel, Flint Hill, Sr.

Offensive Athlete: Jay Woolfolk, Benedictine, So.

First Team Defense

Defensive Linemen: Jack Hall, Benedictine, Jr.; Charles Geho, Collegiate, Jr.; Dhykwon Smith, St. Christopher’s, Sr; Bill Clark, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Linebackers: Elijah Wasson, Flint Hill, Jr.; DayMone’ Fleming, St. Christopher’s, Sr.; Michael Brost, Collegiate, Sr.; Lamumba Howard, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes, Jr.; Mathieu Pelletier, Woodberry Forest, Jr.

Defensive Backs: Trey Rucker, Flint Hill, Sr.; Litchfield Ajavon, Episcopal High School, Sr.; KJ Rodgers, Collegiate, Sr.; De’Andre Tobias, Benedictine, Sr.; Justice Ellison, Flint Hill, Jr.

Punter: Kyle Miller, Benedictine, Sr.

Defensive Athlete: Malcolm Johnson, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes, Fr.


Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Ben Locklear, Woodberry Forest, So.; Patrick Routsis, St. Christopher’s, Sr.

Running Backs: Charles Armstrong, Collegiate, Jr.; Yzreal Hall, St. John Paul the Great, Sr.; Stevie Walden, Benedictine, Jr.; Tre Boone, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes, Jr.

Wide Receivers: Justice Ellison, Flint Hill, Jr.; Ben Locke, Norfolk Academy, Jr.; Zach Shumate, Trinity Episcopal, Sr.; Elijah Gaines, Episcopal High School, Jr.; Malik Baker, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes, So.

Tight End: Trey Boll, Collegiate, Jr.; David Byler, Norfolk Academy, Sr.; Michael Kosar, St. John Paul the Great, Sr.

Linemen: Parker Jenkins, Episcopal High School, Jr.; Preston Gaston, Potomac School, Jr.; Ben Jeffrey, Bishop O’Connell, Sr.; Gilbert Deglau, Collegiate, Jr.; Jack Hall, Benedictine, Jr.; Sam Trainer, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes, Sr.

Place Kicker: Jack Siewers, St. Christopher’s, Jr.

Athlete: Nigel Williams, Collegiate, Jr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Linemen: Jonathan Gagnon, Potomac School, Jr.; Lorenzo Thompson, Norfolk Academy, Sr.; Joe Worman, Flint Hill, Sr.; John Harris, Woodberry Forest, Sr.; Brian Daughtry, Benedictine, Jr.

Linebackers: Charlie Boggs, St. Christopher’s, Sr.; David Byler, Norfolk Academy, Sr.; Jaylin Hertz, Flint Hill, Jr.; Jake Levingston, Potomac School, Sr.; Reed Powell, Trinity Episcopal, Sr.; Christian Turner, Flint Hill, Sr.

Defensive Backs: Tre’ Akande’, Benedictine, Sr.; Will Beck, St. Christopher’s, Sr.; Salim Turner-Muhammed, Episcopal High School, Sr.; Bryce Jackson, Bishop O’Connell, Fr.; Brandon Potts, Potomac School, So.

Punter: Paul Pivirotto, Episcopal High School, Sr.

Athlete: Dray Bailey, Trinity Episcopal, Jr.; Cortez Lewis, St. John Paul the Great, Sr.

Locals on Honorable Mention

Wide Receivers: Larry Elder, Fork Union, Sr.

Offensive linemen: Aussie Joseph, Woodberry Forest, Jr.; Oscar Servellon, Woodberry, Fr.

Linebackers: Jianni Woodson-Brooks, Woodberry Forest, So.

Punter: William Stupalsky, Fork Union, Sr.